To receive a quote for cus­tom screen print­ing, embroi­dery, or oth­er ser­vices from Elli­son, please com­plete as much of the form as you can.

We try our best to turn around quotes with­in 24 hours.

Stan­dard pro­duc­tion time is 7–10 busi­ness days from the time that art­work is approved, not includ­ing out­bound ship­ping.

We’d love to talk.

Some­times a phone call is worth 20 emails. We need to know some basic infor­ma­tion about your project before we can pro­vide you with a quote.

Please keep in mind

  • if you have a reorder or new design
  • if you have a dead­line
  • which gar­ments you want
  • the approx­i­mate quan­ti­ty, col­ors, and sizes desired (adult or youth)
  • if you already have art­work or need us to cre­ate it.
  • the num­ber of loca­tions to be imprint­ed and the num­ber of col­ors (for screen­print)

We don’t mind shop­ping for you if you know only that you want a hood­ed sweat­shirt, basic t-shirt, or fleece zip-up, for exam­ple, and blank sam­ples can be pro­vid­ed at a rate that is cred­it­ed when used for your order.

Send an email to or give us a call at 503.236.8400 and we will pro­vide the infor­ma­tion you need to get start­ed.

For screen print­ing, pric­ing is deter­mined by how many col­ors and loca­tions you want to print as well as the total quan­ti­ty and col­or of your gar­ment. New screens are cre­at­ed and the item is run through sep­a­rate­ly for each col­or. Once jobs are set up they are easy to run, so large runs cost much less per piece than small­er runs. Dark col­ored gar­ments require an ini­tial under­lay­ment of ink that will cost more than print­ing on light col­ored gar­ments. Screen set­up fees for new designs or reset fees for old ones will apply if we no longer have screens for your project. Spe­cial inks like gold foil incur extra charges.

If you are inter­est­ed in embroi­dery, the price per piece depends upon the stitch count of your design. Larg­er, more intri­cate designs take longer, require more thread, and will cost more. Your design is dig­i­tized into a for­mat that our machines can read, and this dig­i­tiz­ing process deter­mines the stitch count. Again, larg­er runs require less set­up and cost less per piece than small­er runs. There is a base fee for dig­i­tiz­ing that can increase with high­er stitch counts.

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